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University of Bologna

Via Zamboni, 33
40126, Bologna, Italy


Professor Enzo Zanchini
Head of the Department of Energy, Nuclear and Environmental Control Engineering.


Organisation and relevant experience: The Department of Energy, Nuclear and Environmental Protection Engineering (DIENCA), University of Bologna, Italy, strives to promote and coordinate basic and applied research relating to the processes of rational usage of energy sources, the safe employment of nuclear energy, environmental control from the standpoint of thermal and acoustic concerns, and protection from toxic radiation. The principal research themes include general and applied thermodynamics, transport theory, thermo-fluid dynamics, plasma physics, applied acoustics, thermotechnics, thermotechnic facilities, radiation protection, security and risk analysis, nuclear technology and reactors.

Tasks: The University of Bologna will carry out life cycle energy analysis, dynamic simulation of building energy demand and supply, develop heat pump technology for retrofitting, test the technology under controlled conditions, measure building energy use before retrofitting, retrofit technologies and solutions into a building, monitor and demonstrate the performance of the retrofitted building in a southern European climate, survey occupants’ acceptance and analyse socio-economic benefits of retrofitting residential building.

Key personnel and relevant experience:

Professor Enzo Zanchini is Head of the Department of Energy, Nuclear and Environmental Control Engineering. He has developed research themes in foundations of thermodynamics, second law analysis, thermodynamics of systems in electric or magnetic fields, unsteady heat conduction in solids, forced, mixed and free convection, energy efficient buildings and renewable energy sources. Prof. Zanchini has been working on heat transfer from buried pipelines, enhancement of building energy efficiency, simulation and optimization of borehole heat exchangers for ground coupled heat pumps and published more than 100 scientific papers.

Dr Gian Luca Morini is Associate Professor in Applied Thermal Engineering at the University of Bologna. Since 2005 he is Head of the Applied Thermal Engineering Laboratory of the DIENCA. He has experience in microscale heat transfer, external and internal single-phase forced convection, air conditioning systems, and compression heat pumps and is author of 120 technical papers.

Dr Stefano Lazzari is Researcher of Technical Physics at the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna and has dealt with optimization of the performance of various types of heat exchanger including coaxial and U-tube ground coupled heat pumps. Dr. Lazzari is author of more than 40 scientific publications.

Dr Stefania Falcioni is a Graduated Technician of Technical Physics at the School of Engineering of the University of Bologna and has experience in HVAC system and heat pumps, energy efficient buildings and renewable energy sources including solar panel plant.

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