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The Hague, New Babylon
Anna van Buerenplein 1
NL-2595 DA The Hague
T: +31 88 866 00 00


Mr Wouter Borsboom
Senior researcher


Organisation and relevant experience: Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is a RTD organization with approximately 4200 staff members and a turnover of around €600 million a year. It is a key player in a growing international network of scientific top institutes, companies with an ambitious development profile, universities and other partners in knowledge development. Actually, developing, integrating and applying knowledge is the combination that differentiates TNO from other knowledge institutions. For that, TNO joins the very best expertise in a whole range of fields. By encouraging the effective interplay of knowledge areas, it generates creative and practicable innovations: new products, services and processes, fully customized for business and government. It has the means to keep on developing new knowledge and expertise, while using it to assist entrepreneurs in the different stages of (product and production) development, from idea generation to implementation and testing. Thus, TNO possess both the technological and process oriented erudition. TNO has a broad experience in European projects, (> 100 FP5, FP6 and FP7 projects) both as coordinator and as partner and/or WP leader in the development of new technology. It has excellent laboratory and pilot facilities and provides contract research and specialist consultancy as well as grant licenses for patents and specialist software. TNO brings to the project its large experience and expertise in energy efficient buildings, indoor climate, HVAC systems, building physics, dynamic building modelling and evolutionary optimization, designing model based adaptive control strategies and algorithms related to buildings and systems and monitoring building energy use and comfort together with economical consequences. It has coordinated and participated in many national and European research projects related to energy efficiency, energy storage, ventilation, indoor climate and low energy design in relation to the build environment including low energy dwellings.

Tasks: TNO will carry out dynamic simulations to enable optimisation of energy demand and supply, develop control strategies and optimise controls, measure building energy use before after retrofitting, retrofit technologies and solutions into one house, monitor and demonstrate the performance of retrofitted house in a northern European climate, survey occupants’ acceptance and analyse socio-economic benefits of retrofitting the house.

Key personnel and relevant experience:

Mr Wouter Borsboom is senior researcher. He is responsible for acquisition and project management of national and European projects in the area of Energy in the Built Environment and has been coordinating various research projects including EUR-ACTIVE ROOFer, BUILD-UP The European Portal for Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

Mrs Lucienne Krosse is Program manager of the research program Energy in the Built Environment. She holds a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the Twente University. She carried out a PhD study at the Technical University of Delft on chemical heat pumps and thermochemical heat storage systems. She joined TNO in 2000 and has initiated, coordinated and participated in many research projects, national and international in the field of thermal storage, sustainable energy systems and buildings and HVAC systems. She is holder of several patents in the field of thermal storage and HVAC systems.

Mr Leo Bakker is a senior researcher. He has a brought professional experience in national and international projects related to energy efficiency, indoor comfort, personal climate and the application of advanced control strategies within the scope of the building environment. He is an expert in the field of advanced modelling and characterizing with both detailed and simplified building simulation models. He is also experienced in designing and realizing advanced control systems within the scope of the building environment including both control strategies as microcontroller based control systems.

Mr Paul Booij is a research scientist / innovator. His main activities and responsibilities Applied research in intelligent sensor networks, distributed control and optimization. Application areas include micro climate control, smart grids, traffic management and active noise and vibration control. His technical skills and competences are (Distributed) control theory, multi-objective optimization, (wireless) sensor networks, physical and numerical modelling, simulation, electrical engineering, active noise and vibration control.

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