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Unit 32, Mere View Industrial Estate
Yaxley, Cambridgeshire
United Kingdom
T: +44 0 1733 245511
F: +44 0 1733 243344


Mr Zafer Ure
Managing Director


Organisation and relevant experience: PCM Products Limited provides PCM technologies and applications from initial concept, research and development stages to production and distribution from the office and manufacturing facility in the UK and Licensed outlets around the world which offer bespoke products to meet unique customer requirements. It is committed to providing alternatives and improvements to current cooling technology by offering more energy efficient and environmentally acceptable solutions to your cooling requirements. For more than a decade and a half, the company has been involved in the development of Phase Change Materials (PCMs). With unrivalled experience in designing and advising on PCM installations and applications, it continues to push the boundaries in PCM usage for the benefit of our ever-growing customer base.

Tasks: The company will optimise the required PCM technology and associated products, develop the technology for retrofitting and test the technology under controlled conditions, in addition to providing the material and technical advice on PCMs for the proposed project.

Key personnel and relevant experience:

Mr Zafer Ure has nearly 30 years of engineering experiences gained not only as a consultant, senior design engineer, area sales manager but also as a system design engineer as well as for the last 15 years promoting PCM products and related technologies as sales manager for PCM Products Ltd. Mr Ure has set up PCM Products Ltd and running PCM Products since 1996 as a Managing Director and is one of the pioneers of the PCM technologies and its applications. Mr Ure is a well respected speaker and has presented many papers around the World for CIBSE, ASHRAE, International Refrigeration Institute and other conferences and symposiums as well as published many articles in engineering journals regarding PCM developments and applications. Mr Ure was a member of the following committees like BRA TEWI Committee (UK) for the Title of “Guideline Methods of Calculating TEWI”, International Inst. Of Refrigeration (IIR) (France) Title (1) D2 Commission; “Secondary Refrigeration”, Title (2) D1 Commission ; “Test standards for display cases”, Annex 10, Phase Change Materials & Chemical Reactions, Annex 26 Advanced Supermarket Refrigeration and HVAC, Building Research Establishment (UK) Title“ Air Cycle Technologies for Building Services”, Chairman of CIBSE Thermal Storage Group Since 1998, International Secondary Refrigeration Association (ISRA), Technical Co-ordinator. Mr Ure has been selected as “Building Service Engineer of the year” by the H&V News Awards as well as H&V News Awards for the “Environmental Initiative of the year” on 1996 and the same award for 1998.

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