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ONYX Solar

Calle Rio Cea 1-46
0504 Avila
T: +34 920 21 00 50


Dr Teodosio del Caño


Organisation and relevant experience: Onyx Solar is a global company involved in the design of smart building solutions worldwide, working in projects in more than 15 countries. It is devoted to the development of smart multifunctional photovoltaic active-passive solutions as main structures in the Green Building design (PV ventilated façades, roofs, skylights, greenhouses, curtain walls, LED-PV systems, fenestrations systems, PV active windows, etc.). Onyx combines physicist, architects and engineers with solid background in training, materials development, product design, use of computational simulation tools for Green Building development and bioclimatic architecture. Its smart solutions for buildings, including the development of new sustainable construction materials, combine the energy saving effect of non-traditional thermal insulation materials with the additional generation of clean energy by means of photovoltaic (PV). The products and design are ideally for building retrofit. Onyx Solar can provide its vast knowledge and experience in PV building integration to implement new construction ideas in functional and industrial buildings.

Tasks: Onyx Solar will carry out optimisation of transparent multi-functional facade technology, develop the technology for retrofitting, test the technology under controlled conditions, measure building energy use before retrofitting, retrofit technologies and solutions into three floors of flats, monitor and demonstrate the performance of retrofitted flats in a southern European climate, survey occupants’ acceptance and analyse socio-economic benefits of retrofitting flats.

Key personnel and relevant experience: Dr Teodosio del Caño holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Valladolid and has been visiting Scholar in the University of Windsor (Canada) and Post-Doctoral Fellow at ASIC (Advanced Science and Innovation Centre) in Osaka. He is an expert in fields as BIPV, Green Building and Energy Efficient Retrofit. He was awarded with the Young Scientific Award in 2002 by The European Materials Research Society. He is a permanent member of the Technical Committee of the Green Building Council-Spain, has coordinated more than 10 Regional, National and European R&D projects in materials science and application of semiconductors in optoelectronics and developed projects on Photovoltaics, LED, Lithium batteries, H2 storage for companies such as Bloom, Panasonic, Sharp, Sanyo, GM and Chrysler. He is author of more than 20 scientific articles in Journals and has contributed with more than 15 oral presentations and invited talks in International Conferences

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