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Comune di Bologna

Piazza Maggiore 6
40124 Bologna
T: 051 203040


Davide Minguzzi
Director of Housing Dept


Organisation and relevant experience: Bologna, a city of nearly 400.000 inhabitants, is located in a strategic geographic position in the heart of Italy, just middle way from Milan and Florence, and is one of the most important business cities in Northern Italy and a crossroads of goods and people, thanks to his role as a transportation hub. The Municipality plays a leading role in national environmental policies and has frequently received international acknowledgement for its achievements. As regards energy policies, the Municipality has recently approved the Municipal Energy Programme (PEC), which defines those actions that the Municipality will implement to locally meet the targets set by Italy within the Kyoto Protocol: 6,5% carbon emissions reduction compared to 1990. The Municipal Energy Programme individuates actions to reduce energy consumption in the city, orienteering the choices towards precise energy efficiency performances. The Municipality also monitors air quality. In collaboration with other involved administrations, it has put in place a variety of actions dealing with infrastructures, support to public transportation requalification, promotion of sustainable mobility, regulation of industrial emissions and goods logistics and correct design of building settlements. Within this project, a main leading role will be played by the Housing Department, assisted by the Urban Renovation Department and International Relations and Projects Unit. Among the main tasks of the Housing Department are the identification of the housing needs and subsequent interventions’ programming, implementation and monitoring, in strict synergy with the Urban Renovation Department; assignment and administrative management of all public residential housing; elaboration of innovative programmes for managing and valorising the housing heritage; and programming, support and monitoring of the activities.

Tasks: Within this project, the municipality will measure building energy use before retrofitting, retrofit a building in Italy and assist monitoring the retrofitted building as well as other activities of the project.

Key personnel and relevant experience:

Davide Minguzzi is Director of Housing Dept. Previously he had different roles in the Municipality Organisation since 1996, such as Director of Education Department, Director of several Districts in Bologna and Project Coordinator within the Total Quality Plan of the Municipality as well.

Massimiliano Danielli is Manager in the Welfare Dept, in charge of Economic and Financial Analysis Unit. Since year 2000, he works for the Municipality of Bologna, firstly in charge of the Projects’ Evaluation Nucleus by the General Director and then within the Housing Department, assisting the Director in the development of innovative projects. He is an expert of project financing.

Damiana Di Silvio is Architect, in the Urban Renovation Dept, in charge of the “Housing Project” within the Complex Urban Programmes Unit. Since 1995, she has been working for the Municipality of Bologna, dealing with complex urban planning interventions, relating to public residential housing. She also is also involved in several urban regeneration projects of the Municipality.

Pamela Lama is in International relations and Project Unit, Mayor’s Cabinet. She has been working for the Municipality of Bologna since 1996, acting as of project manager and co-ordinator of EU funded projects, within several funding programmes. She has also worked for the University of Bologna, EU Research Area, from September 2008 to July 2009.

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