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Complex Ltd

Przedsiębiorstwo Innowacyjno-Wdrożeniowe comPLex Sp. z o.o.
ul. Jabłoniowa 42, PL-40-111 Katowice
KRS 0000020262
EU NIP PL6340196933

Head office
T:+48 32 2505840
F: +48 501 301515

Production plant
T: +48 32 7825975,
F: +48 607 301515,


Mr Zalot Grzegorz
T:+48 32 2505840


Organisation and relevant experience: The company has been in market since 1987. It is one of the first limited companies registered in Katowice. It deals with designing and manufacturing professional electronic analogue and digital circuits, as well as equipment for specific purposes. It also assembles SMD and THT and over half of its production is for export purposes, mainly to Germany.

Tasks: Complex will develop a control strategy, laboratory test the control system and the components and install controls for operation of the technologies and solutions as well as assisting performance monitoring of technologies/solutions and buildings (WPs 1-3). To put it more specifically, Complex will develop a generic control strategy in order to optimise the operation of the technologies, solutions and building performance. Smart metering will also be determined to measure and minimise energy consumption. Components of the control system and smart metering will be determined and tested to ensure they will function as designed. The control algorithm will then be implemented with hardware in the retrofitted buildings. The company will also coordinate and optimise the operation of technologies and solutions for insulation, heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting of the buildings as required.

Key personnel and relevant experience:

Mr Zalot Grzegorz is the owner and director of the company. He is experienced in electronics and control systems from product design, manufacture to marketing.

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