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R. Trigueiros Martel n.1
2800 - 213 Almada
T: +351 21 272 4000
F: +351 21 272 4200


Dr Catarina Freitas
Head Officer for Energy and Environmental


Organisation and relevant experience:Almada City Council is one of 18 municipalities within the Lisbon Metropolitan Region in Portugal. It has being developing policies and strategies towards a more sustainable mobility. Several projects were launched aiming at promoting the public transport and soft modes, like a light rail system and cycling, energy efficiency in municipal buildings and facilities and public lighting. Almada City Council has also triggered the process of elaborating Almada´s Local Agenda 21, adopting policies that guarantee the preservation of the environment, integration of economical and environmental efficiency criteria as part of the improvement of the environmental behaviour and the safeguarding of the Planet and acting in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and the Aalborg Commitments.

Tasks: Almada City Council will measure building energy use before retrofitting, retrofit technologies and solutions into a flat and assist monitoring the performance of retrofitted flat in a southern European climate as well as providing the flat for retrofitting

Key personnel and relevant experience:

Dr Catarina Freitas is Head Officer for Energy and Environmental issues at the Municipality of Almada, Head of Sustainable Environmental Management and Planning Department of Almada City Council, and the Executive Member of the Board of AGENEAL, the Local Energy Management Agency of Almada. She has experience in developing national and EU-funded projects, environmental management, fresh water sources and wastewater treatment. She is now coordinating the development and implementation of the Local Strategy for Climate Change and the Local Agenda 21 of Almada, and is responsible for the technical and financial management of several European projects and partnerships. She has given several presentations and papers on municipal energy and environmental management, energy efficiency, climate change and urban sustainable mobility.

Mr Muno Lopes is Head of the Environmental Management and Planning Division of the Municipality of Almada. He has a master in Ecology by the Science and Technology Faculty of the University of Coimbra and a university degree in Biology at the Science and Technology Faculty of the University of Coimbra. He has working experience on ecological modeling and monitoring of transitional waters and sustainable urban planning and management.

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