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CO2 Footprint


This is the real-time measurement of Carbon Footprint of website based on CO2NS/WEBSITE Product.

According to recent surveys, purchasing habits of consumers affected and decisively according to how environmentally responsible are the companies which they are targeting, and whether actively contribute to reducing the environmental impact of their operations.


Based on these results, a truly innovative product is used in and offers the opportunity for Researchers and companies that care about the environment, on the one hand to show the practical interest by measuring the environmental impact of their website, and on the other hand to design and implement actions aimed at improving the environmental performance of the website (introduction of technical solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the website, carbonate neutralization of the website etc).

This item has codenamed CO2NS/WEBSITE and includes two versions with the following characteristics:
Carbon Footprint Website (M-CO2NS/WEBSITE)

Service of measurement and calculation of total greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint), the hallmark of CO2 Neutral Seal, caused by the operation of the website, based on real-time monitoring of data traffic via web analytics. More information about the service can be found at

Carbon Neutral Website (N-CO2NS/WEBSITE)

Carbon neutralization service of the measured carbon footprint of your website, with the hallmark of CO2 Neutral Seal. This is achieved by
selecting in certified support, projects positively to the environment, ensuring reliability, validity and traceability to the act of
neutralization. More information about the service can be found at


For HERB website, it was selected the use of M-CO2NS/WEBSITE product,  offered by Partner No 2, Green Evolution, for measuring the carbon footprint. The opportunities that offers this product are :
*       Measuring the carbon footprind of a website
*       Interactive CO2NS Badge & Pop-Up for viewing the measurement results of the carbon footprint at the public.
*       Access to Raw data for calculating the carbon footprint of the website, through account in registry of CO2NS (
*       Ability to create historical reference of carbon footprint per website through

Detailed information about CO2NS/WEBSITE but also for the cost of packages is provides at:

  • Complex Ltd
  • Lasting Values
  • TNO
  • HTF Stuttgart
  • Comune di Bologna
  • University of Bologna
  • National Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • University of Nottingham
  • Green Evolution
  • asra
  • iperbole
  • ONYX Solar
  • Kingspan
  • PCM